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12 July 2006 @ 11:58 pm
it would be better if the remote could rewind and erase overboard.  
i saw click this evening.

sum up: if you like adam sandler movies, and are 30+, you will like this movie.
if you are a woman, especially a woman who likes adam sandler movies, you will like this movie.

otherwise, i would say don't hesitate to rent the dvd.

the review: if you don't know, click is the new adam sandler movie. in it, adam sandler is a 'workaholic', and kind of a jerk, who only ever eats twinkies and has a small penis. and he's married to kate beckinsale (this part requires a TON of verisimilitude).

this movie is the next installment in the '30 year old boy' movie line that adam sandler piloted, and of which he continues to be the leader. billy madison was as juvenile as it could be, with kids being the playmates and equals. bid daddy showed the beginnings of interest in adulthood. click is what all 30 year old boys become: family-oriented, with an obsession with tits, death, and fart jokes.

oh, and dog humping jokes. how could i forget the dog humping jokes.

there was pretty much nothing special about this movie at all. it didn't suck. it was just standard blockbuster fare. the sets and special effects were awesome, but they weren't new or original. the message was a classic one: enjoy life to the fullest! don't be a money-obsessed asshole! christopher walken is best at playing creepy roles!

oh, wait - here was an endearing thing about the film: CHRISTOPHER WALKEN. man, that guy is awesome. why isn't he in every movie?

wait.... he IS in every movie!

my least favourite thing about christopher walken is that he always seems to be playing a parody of himself. well, in this film, i felt like we were getting a lot of realism. which is funny because this movie is so far from real, it's like lord of the fucking rings. but he gave a stellar performance. he was creepy, but in that nice-guy way. also, he sings! which is great. he was definitely the best thing in the movie.

the plot isn't really that terrible, but some of the actual plot points irked me. the movie is pretty slow to start. he has the remote, he's doing stuff with it... wait, now he'as asking chris walken for advice. okay, now he's using the-- wait, he's talking to walken again. oka, he's got it.... but when does bad shit befall him?

the end also disappointed me, mostly because i always want the end to be unexpected. and it was clear where this was going.


a lot of reviewers have mentioned that the melodrama, the touchy feely stuff, is crap. i disagree, and not just because i have a uterus. in the context of the full story, it makes perfect sense. it makes perfect sense, and it evokes feeling. which i love. i love crying like a big sack of crap when stuff happens in a movie. i like that connection. i didn't question the sensitive stuff. i thought it was well-written, and i thought that adam sandler played it really well.

something that i'll agree with most of the reviewers about is the fart jokes, ETC. some of them were very funny. people getting kicked in the nuts is always hilarious. farting in your boss's face and then having him say, I TASTE SHIT! isn't as funny. actually, it's not funny at all. it loses ten more points when you factor in that the boss is david fucking hasselhoff.

so there it is. that was click for me. if i had to give it a grade, it would be like a b. if i had to do something with my thumbs, they would be up. if i have to give it x amount of stars out of x amount of stars, 3 out of 5.

if i had to give christopher walken an oscar, an emmy, a tony, AND a grammy.............. i would. in a hjeartbeat.

god i love him.


i saw the trailer for brothers of the head again today. and a trailer for little miss sunshine. yet again. will that movie ever come out? seriously.

and, as an extra bonus: i have a pet peeve. a new one. i hate going to movies like click at little arthouse theatres like the ritz. the crowd is always uberwhite pretensious, and they say the stupidest shit during the previews.

they also don't laugh when people get kicked in the nuts.
which is just not excusable.