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07 July 2006 @ 10:39 pm
pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest.  
um... hmm. let's see.

to start:

if you loved the first pirates of the caribbean movie, you will like this one, so go see it.
if you are a fan of film in general- splendid directing, acting, fun dialogue, and amazing camera work- you will like it, so go see it.

i never really... went for all that talk about sequels. most sequels suck, some are on par with their predecessors. i don't know or care, on the whole. a good movie is a good movie.

pirates II was a good movie, AND a good sequel. the first movie is better, but not by much. this movie had all the things that made the first movie great: the sword fights, the crazy gross special effects, the humour, the adventure. and something i found very interesting- it had few 'new' characters. all the old favourites returned, with some surprises. and i think that may be the key to a good sequel. back to the future, unarguably one of the best film franchises ever, always remained amazing, and it employed the same 'same characters, same actors' theory as pirates II. you also have to have the same director (the harry potter franchise is proof that same characters & actors isn't enough).

here are my gripes: the plot is, what has been called, 'patchy'. i think what's meant by that is... some stuff just ddin't make sense. which is a fair assessment. something i'll say right now: why is keira knightley's character all of a sudden crazy great with swords?? she says will taught her, but when? in like 3 months? no way, sister. no way.

also- and this has been said, too- the script relies more on humour than anything else, leaving characters like will and elizabeth without much to 'do'. but i actually didn't think of that till i read it in a review, and then it struck me as something that was very true.

gore verbinski... well, i'm already in love with him. he's an amazing director with an amazing talent for colour and stunning imagery. i was wowed by even the littlest things; in particular, sunlight during a chase scene. i was just really blown away by how great the whole thing felt.

and the end... well, i wasn't expecting it. those who have seen it probably felt the same way. it was such a great, suspenseful feeling, like, 'oh wow! okay, so... WHAT?!'
i LOVE that feeling. the, what could possibly happen next? surprise feeling. it's great, and it's almost nonexistent in films. everything has to be tied up neat with a little bow, and you as the audience don't have to do any work. it was great to see just a small flash of something to look forward to. 

i guess my final word is that you really should go see this in the theatres, if you have the littlest inkling to do so. it is well-worth it. really.


a trailer i saw that i really liked: brothers of the head. you had me at '70s punk rockstar conjoined twins'.

a trailer you should all watch: the illusionist. it was actually just posted today. i was, obviously, all over it. it looks amazing. i had no idea of the story, so this was interesting to see. not what i expected. beautiful. i'm siked.

movies i'm going to be reviewing next: watcher in the woods, strangers with candy: the movie (the trailer is packed with le tigre music... i can't even predict what that means).