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29 July 2006 @ 08:48 pm
strangers with candy.  
i finally had a chance to see strangers with candy.

the sum-up: whatever you think this movie's going to be, it is.

i know; that's vauge. but it's true.

the review: i'm a big fan of SwC, and i was excited when i found out they were making this movie.

they clearly didn't feel the same way.

something that makes SwC the show some of the greatest comedy ever created is the writing. the writing was always so crisp and perfect. its hard to get that clean parallel of intellectual and fart jokes, but they always did it so well. it was inventive.

unfortunately, they seem to have completely lost that ability.

i like to imagine it as not actually any fault of writers/creators/actors Sedaris, Dinello, & Colbert, but a magical curse put upon them by an angry gypsy. like, maybe this gypsy hates laughter and fun, so she cursed the 3 of them to never again be able to spin the comedy stylings that they have done so well with in the past. i see her, hunched over some beads and crystals and tarot cards, mumbling the curse and laughing softly to herself. which is ironic, because she hates laughter, but maybe she considers it more of a cackle or a snicker. i dont know, im not very friendly with her.

but i digress.

this movie just didn't have the spark of the show. it tried to recreate that spark. it tried so hard, they ended up using famous lines from the tv show. yes, that's right - the movie isnt even entirely original. and i know it isnt meant to be insulting. if youre a fan, you know those lines, and you were probably quoting them before you walked into the theatre. and the first time you hear one in the movie, you laugh, because its like an injoke. but by the 8 line stolen directly from the tv show, youre kind of like, 'cmon guys. this is crazy.'

so was the movie just a cesspool of less than funny rehashings of old episodes? no. no, it wasnt. a lot of stuff was pretty funny. very new. little glimmers of the show that was. i laughed quite a few times. and i walked out unashamed for having bought a ticket. which feels like something new, after my recent movie travels.

the movie was exactly what i had thought it would be. not quite the show, but not a total and utter disappointment.

as a matter of fact, i rather liked it. it put a smile on my face, and it made me hate comedy central for canceling the show all over again.

other than the little bump with the actual writing, everything else was GREAT. the acting was as good as it ever was, with extra awesome work by guest stars - alison janney, phillip seymour hoffman (!), matthew broderick, sarah jessica parker, kristen johnston, & ian holm (lol bilbo!). i kind of wish i got to see more of them all. actually, i really wish i got to see more of all of them.

who was the best out of the big 3? stephen colbert. and is anyone surprised? no. he was just so good. hes always so good.
but, to be honest, Sedaris, Dinello, and Colbert all 'had it'. they were as hilarious as ever.

oh, and there was no le tigre music in the actual movie. wtf? misleading trailer!

i mean, thats really all i have to say about it. it was good. not the best.
4 stars, 1 thumb up, and 3 "riveting! ~ paul simms, new york post"s.


here's the only new trailer i saw: accepted.
it looks like a standard 'teen does wacky thing and antics ensue!' kind of movie. i just hope it has some wit. you know?

here's where i go to see movies, pretty exclusively: ritz theatres.
theyre local, but i just thought id pimp them, just so youd all know what youre missing.